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I consider myself a photography fan. I love travelling and photography allows me to capture all the special moments I experience on my trips so I can review them over and over again. It's my way of keeping my own diary and at the same time, share my view of all the places I've been able to visit. My goal is pretty simple and yet quite difficult to achieve, I seek to make you feel the same I felt on that same spot. So, whenever I see a nature wonder I would like you to feel the same way. I would be flattered if I managed to arouse the same curiosity I feel when I see sites that I have not visited, if I manage to make you visit new places, to explore and to enjoy nature the same way I do. 

That goal has pushed my skills until I have achieved workflow I am confortable with. The balance between the lights and the darks, the contrast management and the colour treatment are very important aspects to provide the mood I am looking for on my photos. This process has taken me a long time and is something that I am still working on today, and to which I dedicate much of my time. So I will be more than happy if I get you to enjoy the pictures that can be found on my site.

I photograph what I like. I usually enjoy landscape and cityscape photography, which allows me to play with composition and long exposure shots. I am passionate about trying new things, and I love food, which at the same time I think it's a great way to experience new cultures. So every time I have the chance, I satisfy my curiosity around a table or wandering around looking for new flavors, aromas and textures. My trip to Costa Rica woke up something in me. The privilege to be able to see wildlife in its own habitat opened a door in me that is not yet closed, which has made me look for that same experience over and over again. We share this planet with some beautiful creatures and I consider a grateful experience to be able to witness some of their routines without bothering them. Eventually, portrait photography is one of my great hobbies too, since it allows me to meet new people and spend some quality time with the ones I appreciate.

I still feel the thrill when I visit a new place or I get to that spot I've been looking for a long time. That is the real meaning of this passion, to enjoy life. I would be happy if I can help you enjoy it too.

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